Mr W discovered X-Claims through an online search on Google. In his pursuit to address a case of mis-selling with St. James’s Place (SJP), he sought out a cost-effective and reliable solution, eventually landing on X-Claims. After an initial conversation, where the competitive fee structure and efficient handling of cases were highlighted, Mr W decided to engage the services of X-Claims due to time constraints and the need for professional expertise.

Mr W’s concerns were centered around the following issues related to the handling of his pension scheme with SJP:

1. Lack of Transparency: The ongoing charges associated with his pension plan were not adequately disclosed or explained during the initial interaction.
2. Long-term Implications: Mr W did not fully comprehend the long-term impact of these charges on the overall value of his investment.
3. Non-Receipt of Promised Reports: The regular Comprehensive Financial Reviews (CFRs) promised during the sales process were not provided as agreed upon.

Mr W’s journey with SJP began in February 2018 when he consulted one of their advisors for retirement planning. Based on the advice received, he opted to invest in a retirement account with them. The understanding was that he would have annual reviews with an SJP advisor, a service for which he was charged annually. However, as time passed, SJP failed to uphold their commitment of conducting these annual reviews, leading to unnecessary charges levied on Mr W in the form of ongoing advice charges (OAC) and additional early withdrawal charges (EWCs) amounting to £2,912.42.

Through the dedicated efforts of X-Claims we succeeded in securing a favorable outcome for their client. As a result, Mr W was awarded a total sum of £4,343, compensating for the undue financial burden placed on him due to the lack of transparency and failed commitments by SJP.

Client: Mr W