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We are only as good as our clients tell us and here are some sample testimonials we have received from our clients, 100% that say they would highly recommend us, and rate our service as excellent.

Successful Claim – Dr M – Apr 24

“Mine has been a long-winded and complex claim, dating back many years. I had little paperwork for it and even less enthusiasm to pursue it as it was so complicated. However, X-Claims made the whole process a lot simpler – even though it still took ages. This was because of the time taken by various external agencies . It helped a lot that I dealt with one individual throughout the process, who was very professional and intimately familiar with the case. Replies were always helpful and very prompt. The continuity provided by this was excellent and the eventual outcome very positive.”

Successful Claim – Dr O – Jan 24

“Thank you to Lorraine and her team who persevered through thick and thin to obtain compensation for my mis-sold pension. Her knowledge, patience and ever calm demeanour prevailed.”

Successful Claim – Dr H – Jan 24

“X-Claims were not pushy but professional, polite and considerate.  I didn’t feel I was being hassled or whatever the financial equivalent of ambulance chasing is, but taken calmly and thoughtfully through the process.

Moreover, X-claims were helpful in minimising the admin required to engage with the bank. The outcome of the claim was successful.  I have recommended the bank I am with to many other people but felt it was/is important to call out miss-selling even if a long time ago so the industry’s standards improve.

I would never have attempted or succeeded in a claim without the support of X-claims, so very grateful to them.”

Successful Claim – Dr S – Dec 23

“The level of service and in depth knowledge on what was a complex claim is impressive. The perseverance over a long period time to deliver an offer of settlement was much appreciated. “

Successful Claim – Dr DL – Nov 23

“Lorraine and the team at X-Claims enabled a successful outcome for my claim, with specialist expertise. They professionally handled all the negotiations for me. X-claims was recommended by a colleague and I would never have thought that I would have been successfully compensated. Many thanks for your perseverance.”

Successful Claim – Dr T – Aug 23

“A fantastic service! Very tenacious in pursuing a rectification for mis sold pension. Succeeded where others have previously failed. Highly recommended.”

Successful Claim – Mr K – Aug 23

“The X-Claims team were recommended to me by many colleagues. I can see why now. From my first contact with them I found them to be knowledgable, clear talking, kind, professional, patient and thorough. They are experts in the field and navigate a hugely complex area that I have no knowledge of. They took away all the admin and stress for me. I would highly recommend Sophie & Lorraine and thank them for all their hard work getting a positive outcome for my case.”

Successful Claim – Mr N – May 23

“Terms and conditions were made clear from the start. X-Claims personnel conducted themselves professionally and courteously and had the time to explain progress of the claim when contacted”

Successful Claim – Dr D – May 23

“Lorraine and her team have been amazing in successfully fighting our case (including an appeal). We would never have had the knowledge or time for this ourselves. They are experts for mis-sold advice for pensions. Highly recommended. Thank you so much. You have been wonderful!”

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