What Our Clients Say

We are only as good as our clients tell us and here are some sample testimonials we have received from our clients, that say they would highly recommend us, and rate our service as excellent.

X-Claims Client Testimonials

“Thank you X-Claims. An excellent service which provided me with a hassle free claim relating to a mis-sold FSAVC. I have no hesitation in recommending X-Claims to other members of the medical profession who were sold this type of policy in or around the 1990’s.”

Dr V - May 2019

“I have received excellent service. Communication was excellent and the outcome as better than I anticipated. The whole process went very smoothly”

Dr O - May 2019

X-Claims are simply excellent. From the first time I spoke to Lorraine Williams, I
felt that she had a very thorough knowledge and understanding of the work around
claims and she clearly identified what was the issue and what I was eligible to
claim. Timescales were accurate and the process was made easy for me. She
handled everything and responded in a timely manner to any emails or calls. I was
pleased that my claim was successful although there were no guarantees. I have no
hesitation in highly recommending X-Claims.

Dr M - May 2019

“Thank you very much for pursuing this claim on my behalf and for the extraordinary result.

I was aghast at the impact that a decision, made on bad advice many years ago, had on my pension.

Thanks to the expertise, tenacity  and sheer doggedness of you and your team that wrong has now been made good”.

Ms G - Apr 2019

“X-Claims handled my case to seek compensation from Abbey Life and my adviser, Lorraine was very professional and helpful in guiding us through the process. Her communication skills were excellent and when Teacher’s Pensions were stubborn and slow in releasing my career salary details Lorraine set out the exact wording of the letter I had to submit to TP to make them respond……… and they did. This triggered action and I am now indebted to X- claims for their assistance in gaining significant compensation. I have no hesitation in recommending them to those seeking redress for mis-sold pension schemes. Thank you.” 

Ms P - Apr 2019

“I have no hesitation In recommending Lorraine and her team at X-Claims. I didnt have high expectations initially but I thought why not give it a go as 80% of something has got to be better than nothing.
It took minimal effort on my part and when the final settlement came through I was amazed how much it was. Lorraine and her team were professional and helpful through out the process.
I highly recommend them.”

Dr P - Apr 2019

“I received an excellent professional and responsive service from Lorraine and her supporting Team. I highly recommend their expertise and approach.”

Dr C - Apr 2019

“Thank you again for applying your significant  astute observation, expertise and judgement to helping me obtain a just outcome with this issue of compensation for previous poor financial advice. Although the settlement is of course most welcome, the compensation for me is more than financial.”

Dr D - Apr 2019

Excellent professional service. Made things very straightforward. Responsive and kept me in touch with process throughout. Thoroughly recommend.

Dr G - Mar 2019

“The entire process from assessing my eligibility for a claim to receiving payment was made very easy. The amount that I received exceeded my expectations – I am very grateful to X-claims for highlighting the possibility of mis-selling and allowing me to receive compensation.”

Dr P - Mar 2019

“X Claims approached me initially through an email advert and I contacted them. From that point they were very helpful and explained the process but never exerted any pressure. I had no idea that I would be able to claim for bad advice given to me regarding a FSAVC when I was a house officer. They helped me throughout the process and I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a large payment as compensation. I would never have done this without them. Thank you.”

Ms S - Jan 19

“X-Claims provide an expert and knowledgeable service that supports individual claimants throughout the redress process. It is reassuring to be supported by a team that clearly understands the process and its pitfalls. X-Claims ensures regular communications and solves unexpected problems effortlessly. For those who feel that they wouldn’t be able to proceed due to the complexity of the problem, X-Claims guides you assuredly. I recommend X-Claims without reservation.” – Dr W – Dec 2019

“I’m extremely pleased with the professional approach X-Claims have taken on my behalf. I can honestly say that without their hard work I would not have achieved such a satisfactory outcome to my claim. I strongly recommend that anyone with a potential claim use their expertise.” – Dr S Jan 19

“X-Claims provide an expert and knowledgeable service that supports individual claimants throughout the redress process. It is reassuring to be supported by a team that clearly understands the process and its pitfalls. X-Claims ensures regular communications and solves unexpected problems effortlessly. For those who feel that they wouldn’t be able to proceed due to the complexity of the problem, X-Claims guides you assuredly. I recommend X-Claims without reservation.” – Dr W – Dec 2019

“Excellent service and result from Lorraine and her team . The process took about a year , but the result was very successful and there was minimal effort from myself. A very professional service . I would definitely recommend X claims.” – Dr D-R – Dec 18

“Excellent, quick professional service. Kept up to date at all times.” – Dr G – Dec 18

“Last year a work colleague told me how, with the help of X-Claims they had received £30,000 compensation following some poor pension advice they received when they were in their early 30s. I had been given similar advice in the past, so I contacted X-claims fo help. Having sent off all the appropriate paperwork, I was initially informed that I did not have grounds for a claim, thankfully due to the perseverance and diligence of X-Claims I eventually received a compensation totalling £53,000. I am very grateful to X-Claims for their help and have no hesitation in recommending their services.” – Dr F – Nov 18

“Excellent rapid service. Friendly accessible staff. Many thanks for all your hard work to attain a successful result – Dr F – Nov 2018

“Lorraine thanks for all you support and help with the our claim. With very little effort on our behalf you delivered an amazing result. The service is both  professional & friendly and we would happily recommend you to anyone considering a claim for mis-sold financial products.” – Dr D – Oct 2018

“Responded to cold call from this company and have been very impressed by their work and the eventual outcome. They worked hard to pursue the claim against a lot of resistance showing patience, resilience and stamina. I got rapid responses to queries – of which there were many. At all times I found the responses helpful and considered. Contact either by phone or email was always friendly and informative. I would strongly recommend using this company for claims management.” – Dr S – Sept

“Wow that is amazing. I must say so many times over the last ? 5 years we felt like we couldn’t be bothered to pursue this just out of laziness and couldn’t see the point. Thank you for being persistent and not giving up on us. Your fee is well deserved!” – Dr H – Sept 18

“Excellent efficient service” – Dr CL – Sept 18

“Very helpful and effective service. Although it might have been possible to do this without X-claims, I have no doubt I would not have had the same outcome without their advice on dealing with it. They made the process very easy.
Thanks again” – Dr RP – Sept 18

“The team at X-Claims, led by Lorraine Williams provide an excellent service throughout the whole process of making a claim. The time scale for completion was more than 2 and half years due to the very slow response time of the investment company involved. Throughout this time, Lorraine kept me informed and dealt with every detail, liaising with my own professional advisers as well as the company and kept up pressure despite the long time period. The approach is very professional and yet personal and I would recommend their service without hesitation.” – Mr U – Aug 18

“Lorraine was efficient and immediate and clear in all communications. She made the process as painless as could be.” – Dr M – Aug 18

“The staff of X-Claims have been extremely helpful at every step of this process. They responded very quickly to my emails and questions. They clearly explained how they would proceed, and the possible outcomes. I was kept fully updated on progress. The process was straightforward, I only needed to find my policy number and X-Claims did all the rest of the work.” – ML – Dr – Aug 18

“I found the service excellent. Very little effort required of myself. Things go quiet for a few months as the claim is being assessed and then all the final arrangements are sorted efficiently and I ended up with a large payment I would never have expected.” – Dr B – August 2018

“I was sold a freestanding AVC as a house officer in 1996. I never really understood what I had bought nor could understand why I had not got added years. I was approached by X–claims  regarding this, and in all honesty had no expectation of any positive outcome.

The team at X–claims worked incredibly hard on my behalf and I received a very significant pay out–more than a year’s salary!

I would urge anyone that bought a freestanding AVC to seek advice as to whether or not you were mis–sold This product, As you probably were! The complexities of making the claim are beyond anyone who does not have in-depth knowledge of the industry and thus I would recommend that you do use a company to make a claim. That being the case, I would strongly recommend that you use X–claims as I can only describe the service as a fantastic.” – Dr G July 2018

“They did exactly what they said they would do and communicated in a timely manner” – Dr F – June 2018

I had taken out some sort of pension policy many years ago and forgot about it. An advisor thought I might have been ill advised (correctly as it turned out). X-claims did all the paperwork; all of the research and dealing with the pension fund people and secured for me over a large sum of money even after tax etc. I can highly recommend them, their persistence (I am a bit vague with forms etc:) and follow up to the end of the claim process. They are absolutely excellent.” – Dr MG – June 2018

“X-Claims were helpful in claiming back our money and they were prompt and efficient in their communication.” – Dr W – June 2018

“It was a pleasure to work with Lorraine and her team and to achieve a successful outcome was fantastic. Without the help from X-Claims, I would not have had the pension compensation that resulted from their involvement. After some initial hesitation to engage with X-Claims, due to unfamiliarity with the firm, I have found them to be very professional, helpful and re-assuring. I would be very happy to recommend them to anyone who is considering submitting a compensation claim.” – Dr V – May 2018

“X-Claims found money that i would otherwise have had no idea was due to me. the interactions were always professional and I had to do almost nothing and could leave it all to them. their commission seems entirely reasonable as well. difficult to rate my experience more highly” – Dr T – May 2018

“Thank you for your hard work. Lorraine was very helpful at the beginning and spent a lot of time explaining the process, costs and rationale for claiming. The team kept me well informed and supported me well when I received email requests for information from the company in question.I would not hesitate in recommending X claims to my friends and colleagues.” – Dr B – May 2018

“I was kept informed at all stages of my claim, which turned out to be a very lengthy one. Persistence certainly counts for something and I ended up with a settlement that I am delighted with. I am very grateful to X-Claims and in particular, Lorraine Williams for negotiating on my behalf.” – Dr E – May 2018

I received an unsolicited email from Lorraine in October 2016, which landed in my work email Spam folder. I happened to come across it by chance. I was initially very sceptical but intrigued. I phoned her up and she struck me as being very genuine, helpful, professional and capable. At no time did she try to hard sell her service. I challenged her about the no win, no fee basis. She told me that she was quite happy for me to go it alone, which convinced me not to! I reckoned that 80% of something was better than 100% of nothing! She gave me the number of a close associate of hers, Ben of Cavendish Medical, who kindly wrote a glowing reference for her.

I put in a claim at the end of October 2016. Lorraine wrote to me in December 2016 to say that Wesleyan had upheld my complaint. After much chasing by Lorraine, I was finally paid a substantial amount of money earlier this month. I would never have known about this money owed to me, never mind received a penny, had it not been for Lorraine informing me in the first place. She guided me through the process and doggedly followed up the claim. I am very happy indeed with the outcome and wholeheartedly recommend Lorraine and her team at X-claims.” – Dr C – May 18

Lorraine from X Claims did a great job on an FSAVC mis-selling claim for me. It was a long battle and she was very determined and responsive in getting to a successful outcome. Thank you very much. – Dr G – May 2018

“I found your service excellent and I would certainly recommend you to other people.

I was contacted by Lorrane Williams, who agreed that it would be worthwhile for me to make a claim and sent me the terms of business and fee agreement. The company made their charges very clear from the outset and gave me very clear instructions about what I would need to do to enable them to pursue my claim. As the claim progressed they gave me useful advice on how to engage with the pension provider.

I ended up securing a cash payment of several thousand pounds.

I was very impressed by X-Claims, and have no hesitation in recommending them to other people who are considering making a FSAVC mis-selling claim.” – April 2018 – Mr H

“The staff were very friendly and never gave up pursuing all the paperwork. They were persistent long after I would have given up.” – Teacher Ms H – Mar 2018

“Good efficient service. Advice given was correct and a good outcome was achieved” – Dr T -Jan 18

“Efficient, honest and proactive. Highly recommended.” – Dr D – Jan 18

“Lorraine has been very pleasant and explained everything as she has gone through the investigation. I have been impressed by her tenacity.” Mrs D – Teacher – Jan 18

“Lorraine is a highly efficient and courteous businesswoman. She inspires confidence.” – Dr H – Jan 18

“All the communications I had with X-claims were timely, helpful and professional. They clearly understood the complexities of obtaining compensation for mis-sold pensions. Their approach made the outcome successful, and their advice was clear, accurate and sound. I would strongly recommend their services.” – Mr C – Doctor – Jan 18

“With a personal record of financial naivete and poor pension management, I was sceptical when first approaching X-Claims. I was however convinced by their excellent, professional approach and understood that if I supplied the data on mis-selling of FSAVC, they would do the hard work of researching the validity of the claim. X-Claims completed an onerous task. Without their expertise I would have received neither compensation, nor justice. I am indeed grateful.” – Ms D – Jan 18

“It was very easy to contact X claims and the whole process was straightforward and simple. Lorraine and Sophie were very helpful and efficient” – Dr B – Jan 18

“Highly professional and efficient service.I would recommend X-claims without hesitation” – Dr A – Nov 17

“With a personal record of financial naivete and poor pension management, I was skeptical when first approaching X-Claims. I was however convinced by their excellent, professional approach and understood that if I supplied the data on mis-selling of FSAVC, they would do the hard work of researching the validity of the claim. X-Claims completed an onerous task. Without their expertise I would have received neither compensation, nor justice. I am indeed grateful.” – Dr D – Nov 17

“Although the process took a long time, Sophie at X-claims was excellent and refused to give up with the claim when the FSCS were saying there was not enough information. When I finally heard how much compensation had been paid out to me I was blown away. I would have never had achieved this on my own, I would have given up. Thank you so much to X-claims for bringing the mis-sold AVC to my attention.” – Dr B – Nov 17

“Prior to speaking with X-Claims I was unaware that it might have been possible that I was mis-sold the financial product and therefore liable for a payment of funds from the company concerned.
Throughout the claim and the whole process I have been kept well-informed and have been impressed with the level of knowledge and professionalism of Lorraine and the team.” – Dr M – Nov 17

“The whole process has been stress-free from my point of view. Sophie at X-Claims has kept me informed of the progress of the claim throughout the whole process. I gained the distinct impression that X-Claims are a very thorough and efficient organisation.” – Dr O – Doctor – Oct 17

“Excellent service. Good result. Very pleased.” – Dr B – October 2017

“I am entirely satisfied. The service was easy to access, very professional and ultimately successful. I think it was excellent” – Dr C – Sept 17

“Thank you again for your time taken persuading to pursue this venture! It has certainly paid off with a bonus sum that is most welcome at this stage. I’ll certainly be passing on a recommendation to any colleagues I come across in the same position.” – Dr S – Sept 17

“Thank you Lorraine and your team for your very effective and most professional service.” – Dr H – Sept 17

“I would strongly encourage you to look into the possibility of compensation. I was very naive when I was mis-sold FSAVCs as a junior doctor. I have been very fortunate to receive the maximum payout which was a totally unexpected, and very welcome outcome. X-Claims were superb in guiding me through the process. It took a fair while and multiple communications but in the end was very well worth it! Thank you Sophie and Lorraine.” – Dr H – Sept 17

“Responsive and supportive from initial enquiry to final outcome. Professional in approach and focused on success, even over considerable time frames.” – Mr F – Aug 17

“So glad they  helped me win my claim” – Dr M – Aug 17

“X-Claims provided a wonderful service. Their detailed understanding of the claims process, combined with their patience and tenacity, gave me complete confidence in the way they presented and fought my case. To a successful conclusion I should add! My gratitude!” – Mr I – Teacher – Aug 17

“X-Claims provided an expert, consistent and professional service, during a complex claims process, ultimately resulting in a very satisfactory outcome. I would recommend them unreservedly.” Dr S – Aug 17

“On a personal note, I must state, vis-a-vis your service, that I was particularly impressed by the way X-Claims handled my case. I found you to be extremely professional, inordinately supportive and exceedingly efficient throughout this process. The staff have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I believe that these qualities are critical to their success here given that they are    advising and securing fiscal justice for us members of the public with little or no experience in this field. It was a pleasure to work with this company.” – Dr P – August 2017

“I have been very pleased with the service and professionalism X-claims have provided with regard to my FSAVC claim – from start to finish. X-Claims are highly knowledgeable and experienced in this field and fight on your behalf to achieve a fair outcome with maximum compensation – I would not have achieved this without their input.” – Mr G (Surgeon) – August 2017

“Sophie and the team at X-Claims were outstanding. From the outset they were very professional and completely honest about the process involved. Hardly any of my time was involved – I couldn’t remember any of the details of my original policy but that didn’t matter- I just had to give them as much information as I could remember and they did the rest. They were patient and completely focussed on getting a successful outcome- which they did!! I would never have done this without them – I had neither the time nor the knowledge -they took all the stress out of the claim and 6 months later I received a 5 figure sum in compensation!! With a 20% no win no fee they offer great value – at most I probably spent an hour of my time on the claim … they did the rest. If anyone has a FSAVC even if you’re not sure about whether it was mis-sold I couldn’t recommend speaking to X- claims more strongly” – Dr AK – June 2017

“An excellent service. To be honest I didn’t think I had a claim, I have had a financial adviser for many years who didn’t spot the potential claim. I saw the e-mail from X-Claims and thought I’d get in touch to ‘just enquire’. I was reassured by Lorraine and Sophie’s professionalism throughout. Yes I had to supply what evidence I had available (but this is straight forward / not tricky). I would encourage any of my medical colleagues who have FSAVCs to get in touch with X-claims- it’s a first class service.” – NP – Doctor – June 2017

Efficient service and very helpful staff to guide me through the process. Delays (took a year) were not with X-Claims but with Wesleyan. Many thanks for a successful outcome!
– Dr RF – May 2017


“I have found the help and professional advice I received from X-Claims to be excellent. I was advised of the procedures to be followed and was given sound objective financial advice. I am completely satisfied with the monetary reward that resulted from the claim and would like to thank Lorraine and X-Claims for their sound advice at a time, when I could not have undertaken this task by myself.”

“We can not praise X-Claims enough, without them we would not have got our money back.”

“Efficient service and very helpful staff to guide me through the process. Delays (took a year) were not with X-Claims but with the provider. Many thanks for a successful outcome!”

“X-Claims operate a very professional and personalised service, and handled my claim for a FSAVC compensation extremely efficiently. Lorraine Williams kept me fully informed on the progress of my claim, and the settlement gained through X-claims was fantastic! I whole-heartedly recommend anyone to let X-Claims represent them in their claim.”

“When investigating and challenging my whole of life policies,  X-Claims were both “very knowledgeable and effective”.

“X-Claims provided an excellent service. The team were very reassuring when explaining sometimes complex issues, always ready and available to help with the inevitable paperwork. Overall, the process felt relatively easy and of course I was delighted with the outcome.”

“Very efficient and persistent. I got a result when I didn’t expect one. X-Claims are very pleasant.”

“X-Claims provided an excellent service. The team were very reassuring when explaining sometimes complex issues, always ready and available to help with the inevitable paperwork. Overall, the process felt relatively easy and of course I was delighted with the outcome.”

“It is mainly the friendly and assuring voice of staff at X-Claims. Sometimes you forget you are dealing with a company. It is as if X-Claims is a good friend helping you!”

“First class! Really impressed!”

“The service was without doubt of the utmost excellence. No messing around, got the job done. I had given up on getting anything back but X-Claims got all of my money back. Thanks!”

“X-Claims took the stress away from having to try and battle to get this matter resolved which they did quickly and very efficiently”

“What a relief to find a company that actually delivers on its promises. You exceeded all of our expectations in the final claim amount and did the job with great sincerity, friendliness and professionalism. Well done!”

“You have been totally professional in manner and have been understanding and supporting whilst I dithered! I will recommend all my associates!”

“Professional, patient, persevering, very friendly and in the end very effective”

“X-Claims kept going with my claim when I would have given up on my own”

“We are so grateful for all you have done for us, we could have never done it on our own as we did not have the knowledge or the experience. Thank you so much for everything. The result you got for us has made such a huge difference in our lives. We will always be in your debt.”

“The offer covered all facets of the process in a simple manner, even pushing for a further review following the initial refusal through to a successful outcome”

“I am most grateful to X-Claims for all your help. I feel like a child completely at sea in a world of finance, and only wish I had found you earlier in life.”

“I was most surprised when X-Claims contacted me and I found out I had a valid case for a claim for my FSAVC that was mis-sold nearly 25 years ago. The initial information I had to give was very straightforward and within a few weeks my pension provider had already admitted liability. The amount of compensation I was eventually awarded was several fold more than I expected so very worthwhile exploring for others who may be paying similar policies.”

“Excellent, efficient service, very glad I made contact with X-Claims.”

“I contacted X-Claims because I had a dispute with a Pension Provider on my FSAVCs. Whilst the initial consultation with X-Claims happened over the phone they informed me that I had another claim against a different Pension Provider as they had mis-advised me to transfer my money out of an existing FSAVC scheme into a Private Pension. X-Claims pursued this long and complex case on a No-Win No-Fee basis so I had nothing to lose. Imagine my delight, considering I had no idea I had grounds for a claim when they paid me a substantial amount of money”

Very efficient, explained everything nicely, gained me a nice bonus I was not expecting!”

“I was absolutely delighted with the service I received from X-Claims. Thanks to their expertise, I was awarded a substantial amount of compensation – far more than I anticipated. I would recommend them to other Consultant Medical colleagues unreservedly.”

“X-Claims handled my case with real efficiency and professionalism. I was regularly updated on proceedings, but not subjected to lengthy conversations, unnecessary emails or endless form filling. The company secured a great outcome for me that I could not have achieved on my own.”

“I was recommended to X-Claims by my Financial and Pensions Advisor. I found dealing with Lorraine very easy and straight-forward. The whole process was handled with minimum stress and Lorraine’s expertise resulted in a very substantial settlement. She is professional, and instills confidence and I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone seeking recompense for being mis-sold a pension.”

“Excellent throughout. Explained the issues, discussed how to proceed and supported me all along. Very helpful during the negotiations in suggesting alternative ways to move forward and even introduced me to an excellent financial adviser for future planning!”

“Professional, friendly and efficient. What more is there to ask for? X-Claims produced a very good result in my case! Thank you so much.”