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Recover Your Financial Security: Claim Your Pension Transfer Compensation with X-Claims

Have you experienced pension transfer mis-advice or feel that you’ve been mis-sold a pension transfer? Take action now and contact X-Claims today for a free consultation to assess if you are a victim of a mis-advised pension transfer. We can assist you in securing your rightful compensation..

Understanding Pension Transfer Mis-selling:

Have you ever been a member of a Final Salary Pension Scheme with an employer, and been advised to transfer the occupational scheme to a private pension? There can very rarely be any circumstances where this advice would have been appropriate. Pension transfers can be a critical financial decision, shaping your retirement future. However, mis-advice during the transfer process can lead to unforeseen consequences. If you suspect you’ve been a victim of pension transfer mis-selling, you may have a valid claim for compensation.

Other Reasons for Pension Transfer Mis-selling Claims:

  • Lack of pension transfer financial analysis: You were not given a full comparison of benefits in writing, showing “a critical yield”.
  • Inadequate Advice: Your financial advisor failed to provide proper guidance, neglecting to consider your individual circumstances and risk tolerance.
  • Hidden Fees and Charges: You were not informed about the hidden fees and charges associated with the pension transfer, impacting your retirement savings.
  • Unsuitable Investments: You were advised to transfer your pension into unsuitable or high-risk investments without full disclosure of potential risks.
  • Technical Jargon: You did not fully understand the complexities and the drawbacks of moving your pension.

Why Use Us?

At X-Claims, we specialise in handling pension transfer compensation claims. Our dedicated team of experts has extensive knowledge in dealing with pension transfer mis-selling cases, providing you with the best chance of a successful outcome. Here’s why you should entrust your claim to us:

Expertise: Our team possesses extensive expertise in the intricate world of pension transfers, ensuring a thorough understanding of the mis-selling issues you may have faced.

Results-Oriented: We have a proven track record of securing pension transfer compensation for our clients, helping them regain their financial stability.

Client-Centric Approach: Your satisfaction is at the heart of our service. We prioritise your needs, providing clear communication and compassionate support throughout the process.

What Our Clients Say

We have hundreds of happy clients, read their reviews of our service

Successful Claim – Dr D – May 23

“Lorraine and her team have been amazing in successfully fighting our case (including an appeal). We would never have had the knowledge or time for this ourselves. They are experts for mis-sold advice for pensions. Highly recommended. Thank you so much. You have been wonderful!”

Successful Claim – Mr K – Aug 23

“The X-Claims team were recommended to me by many colleagues. I can see why now. From my first contact with them I found them to be knowledgeable, clear talking, kind, professional, patient and thorough. They are experts in the field and navigate a hugely complex area that I have no knowledge of. They took away all the admin and stress for me. I would highly recommend Sophie & Lorraine and thank them for all their hard work getting a positive outcome for my case.”

Successful Claim – Dr A – Apr 23

“I am delighted to recommend the services of Lorraine and the team at X-Claims. They are knowledgeable, patient and persistent. They handled every step of the process, giving superb guidance and support throughout, culminating in a successful resolution to my claim. They are undoubtedly experts in their field and Lorraine’s calm reassuring manner helped negotiate the many hurdles and delaying tactics put up by the company responsible for my mis-sold policy. Without the help offered by Lorraine and the team at X-Claims I would not have been successful.”

Other Types Of Claim

FSAVC Compensation

FSAVC(s) pensions have been mis-sold to thousands of people. If you have an FSAVC it is worth checking to see if you have been mis-sold.

SIPP Pension Compensation

SIPP mis-selling occurs when financial advisers convince pension holders to invest their money into a SIPP scheme that promises higher returns on very risky, (and often unregulated) investments.

Pension Opt Out

An opt-out is where you could have been a member of an occupational pension, particularly a “defined benefit” or “final salary” scheme and you were told to ‘Opt Out’ and purchase a personal pension instead.

Investments & Bonds

Investment misselling occurs when you have received deliberate or misleading advice, where the investment was misrepresented or unsuitable.


Mortgage mis-selling occurs when it is improperly sold to a borrower. Mortgages were only regulated from contracts which were entered into on or after 31st October 2004.  

Pension Transfers

You may have been persuaded to transfer out of your original occupational pension scheme into a personal one. Any transfer out of an occupational scheme could be a mis-sale.

Personal / Stakeholder Pension

These types of pensions may have been unsuitable for you if you had the option to purchase added years or contribute to your In-House AVC, and especially if you had no private earnings.

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