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We continue to strive to raise the bar for Claims Management Companies and are always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure justice is awarded in a fair and accurate manner.

Here is a selection of case studies highlighting the claims for compensation we have handled.

£41,847 Compensation

Our clients were both Consultant Doctors working in the NHS. Wesleyan upheld the complaints made and their loss calculation initially offered £850 in compensation for just one of the mis-sold FSAVC policies, recommended several years earlier.

We were not satisfied that the independent actuaries, appointed by Wesleyan, had made the calculations exactly in line with the FSAVC Mis-Selling Review Guidance and challenged the basis of these calculations.

Wesleyan refused to change their compensation offer and the case was sent to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), with input from another firm of consulting actuaries which we sourced and commissioned.

The FOS upheld the claim and the offer with a new calculation using X-Claims input was increased to £41,847.

Client: Doctors McI (husband and wife)

£217,000 Cash Settlement

Our client, an NHS doctor, was sold a FSAVC by Lincoln National (now Sun Life Financial Of Canada SLFOC).

Initially, the case was upheld, and a loss calculation started. However, SLFOC later indicated a change of stance to their compliance opinion based on an answer on a questionnaire completed by the client.

X-Claims challenged the basis of the potential rejection on behalf of our client; this was based on legal argument and precedent created by our unique experience in this field, and we obtained a cash settlement offer of £217,000.

Client: Dr F C

£80,071 Settlement

Our client had initially appointed a firm of “specialist“ solicitors to obtain redress for a pension transfer from a final salary pension scheme to a personal pension.

The solicitor failed completely in that the firm was no longer trading and the adviser had retired and had moved to Spain.

X-Claims sought out those responsible for the mis-sale and took the case to the FOS. Although the FOS upheld the case, it was powerless to enforce the decision and ran out of options. However, X-Claims refused to give up and pursued the original adviser in another way and obtained a settlement of £80,071.

Client: Mr D D

Compensation £50,251

Our clients were sold the wrong type of insurance by Wesleyan. Early in their career, they were sold Whole of Life insurance rather than Decreasing Term Insurance to cover their mortgage. The difference in cost was substantial, and our clients settled for compensation of £50,251. They were unaware of the issue until their IFA referred the case to us for our expert scrutiny. The client’s IFA values our unique historic expertise dating back to the early 70’s which is invaluable to deal with cases sold in previous decades and regularly recommends clients to use our services.

Clients: Dr & Mrs GS.

£210,759 was awarded

Initially, our client contacted us regarding a dispute with the Prudential and simply needed advice in completing a form regarding this dispute when he was a university lecturer.

Several months later, in a further discussion it transpired that, prior to working for a university, he worked as a police officer in the Met, and had since retired. However, his pension had been moved from his final salary scheme to a Merchant Investors pension (now Sanlam).

Unfortunately, neither the Met nor the client had any records of his employment as his records needed went back to 1972. X-Claims spent several months of discovery to obtain the information needed and the client was awarded £210,759, a life-changing event for a retired gentleman.​

Clients: Mr R B.

£105,557 Redress obtained

A client was sold a SIPP by Natwest Bank while an NHS hospital consultant.

Natwest initially time-barred the case. However, we handled his Appeal to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). The loss was a complex calculation as the client could have purchased added years with some of the premiums paid.

We obtained redress of £105,557 plus £1,150 towards the costs of an IFA to advise on his further pension advice needed.

Clients: Dr J N.

£135,389 Compensation & No Tax Deduction

Our client was a Doctor in the NHS but had moved to a non-income-tax-paying country.

X-Claims obtained an offer of compensation from ReAssure regarding a mis-sold FSAVC by Gan Life of £135,389. A substantial deduction of 40% tax was made from the cash.

X-Claims contested the tax deduction after sourcing tax advice and the client was refunded this amount in full.

Client: Dr U.

Received £29,920 Compensation

Our client a Doctor, was sold a Whole of Life policy covering life insurance and critical illness by Wesleyan.

We deemed this advice unsuitable at the time of the client’s purchase. The NHS pension scheme already offered benefits that meant that the client was paying unnecessary premiums for a benefit that was unsuitable.

We obtained compensation of £29,920.for the mis-selling of the policy.

It is well worth looking at your historic policies.

Client: Dr RS.

Cash Offer of £68,402

We obtained a cash offer of £68,402 compensation from Countrywide Assured for our client for a mis-sold FSAVC.

As a Doctor, working in the NHS, the offer was to enhance an existing pension. X-Claims put forward a substantive argument for a cash offer based on our ground-breaking cases and 14 years of expertise in this arena. This created a precedent and the client was offered a revised cash offer.

Client: Dr Z.

Cash Offer of £4,343

Mr W discovered X-Claims through an online search on Google. In his pursuit to address a case of mis-selling with St. James's Place (SJP), he sought out a cost-effective and reliable solution, eventually landing on X-Claims. After an initial conversation, where the competitive fee structure and efficient handling of cases were highlighted, Mr W decided to engage the services of X-Claims due to time constraints and the need for professional expertise.

Mr W's concerns were centered around the following issues related to the handling of his pension scheme with SJP:

1. Lack of Transparency: The ongoing charges associated with his pension plan were not adequately disclosed or explained during the initial interaction.
2. Long-term Implications: Mr W did not fully comprehend the long-term impact of these charges on the overall value of his investment.
3. Non-Receipt of Promised Reports: The regular Comprehensive Financial Reviews (CFRs) promised during the sales process were not provided as agreed upon.

Mr W's journey with SJP began in February 2018 when he consulted one of their advisors for retirement planning. Based on the advice received, he opted to invest in a retirement account with them. The understanding was that he would have annual reviews with an SJP advisor, a service for which he was charged annually. However, as time passed, SJP failed to uphold their commitment of conducting these annual reviews, leading to unnecessary charges levied on Mr W in the form of ongoing advice charges (OAC) and additional early withdrawal charges (EWCs) amounting to £2,912.42.

Through the dedicated efforts of X-Claims we succeeded in securing a favorable outcome for their client. As a result, Mr W was awarded a total sum of £4,343, compensating for the undue financial burden placed on him due to the lack of transparency and failed commitments by SJP.

Client: Mr W

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