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Seek Justice with X-Claims for Mis-sold Personal and Stakeholder Pensions

Pension mis-selling happens when a financial adviser or company recommends transferring or starting a new pension, when a more suitable pension is available or you should have left your pension planning alone. If you believe you were misled you may be able to claim compensation for the mis-selling of your pension.

Understanding Pension Mis-selling:

Simply losing money on a pension doesn’t mean it was mis-sold, as you cannot claim for lack of investment performance. However, if you transferred your pension into another scheme and your financial adviser did not give you sufficient information about the product, the new pension scheme was unsuitable for your needs, or the advisor misled you, you may be a victim of mis-selling.

Common Mis-sold Pension Scenarios:

  • Mis-sold Stakeholder Pensions: You were wrongly advised to invest in a stakeholder pension that didn’t align with your financial goals and risk profile.
  • Mis-sold Personal Pensions: Your financial advisor recommended a personal pension plan that was unsuitable for your circumstances and didn’t meet your retirement needs.
  • You were advised to move an existing pension to another provider: Unfortunately, some advisers may recommend this course of action purely to earn commission on another product.

Why Use Us?

At X-Claims, we specialise in assisting clients with mis-sold personal and stakeholder pensions. With our team of experienced professionals, we provide expert guidance and steadfast support throughout your pension compensation claim journey. Here’s why we are the right choice for you:

Extensive Experience: Our team has extensive knowledge of pension mis-selling cases, enabling us to craft strong and compelling claims on your behalf.

Client Success: We have a proven track record of helping individuals secure the compensation they deserve, restoring their peace of mind.

Empathy and Care: We understand the emotional toll pension mis-selling can take. Our compassionate team is here to provide support, answering your questions and concerns at every step.

What Our Clients Say

We have hundreds of happy clients, read their reviews of our service

Successful Claim – Dr K – Aug 22

“I have great pleasure in writing a testimonial for Mrs Lorraine Williams working for X Claims an organisation fighting injustice for clients since 2006. I have known her since we contacted her in March 2019 when we learnt a policy pension taken out by us with Wesleyan was wrongly sold to us in 1997. She is part of a task finish group who investigated and conveyed the information at every step of the way. All this has given me a good insight and knowledge in her capabilities. Lorraine is hardworking, efficient, reliable, confident, has good organisational skills and excellent communication skills. All information given to me was in good faith and explained well keeping to their limitation so not giving their own advice. She is sincere, reliable, considerate, thoughtful, eloquent, attentive, obliging, and trustworthy. She is proactive and focused and I highly recommend her and her organisation to everyone. I wish her success.”

Successful Claim – Dr B – Jan 23

“I was one of many doctors persuaded- via the medium of a free sandwich – to join a Wesleyan freestanding AVC pension instead of buying extra NHS years in the 1990s. I switched to another scheme a decade later but I discovered both were mis-sold, the first by concealing from me the benefits of added years and the second by downplaying my NHS pension prospects on the AVC registration documents. Lorraine, Howard and the X-Claims team were recommended by a colleague who was similarly mis-sold a Wesleyan pension. Looking back, I am amazed at how financially naive we were! X-Claims is a reputable and trustworthy service and secured me compensation for both these pensions. The form filling process was made easy and both Lorraine and Howard provided clear and helpful advice, no doubt honed from decades of fighting complex cases for their clients. For one of the two cases, we went to the ombudsman twice (!) before getting compensation. I have never put in an official claim for anything in my life so this was unfamiliar territory but they were reassuring and sensible. I am happy with the outcome and wholeheartedly endorse their service to anyone wavering about making a claim.”

Successful Claim – Dr R – Jan 23

“Lorraine Williams and her team have proven to be tenacious and patient in making representations to Sanlam and Sun Life Financial of Canada, which has resulted in over £60K in compensation being recovered.

I have recommended X-Claims to a number of colleagues, who are of a similar generation to me, in the 1980s – 1990’s who were heavily pressured and oversold into purchasing Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contributions (FSAVCs) as a way of maximising our pension pot at the start of our NHS Careers.

I thoroughly recommend X-Claims as a relatively stress free way to recoup money that was paid as commission to ‘Financial Advisors’ pedalling their financial products inappropriately to Junior Doctors on NHS Final Salary Pension Schemes.”

Other Types Of Claim

FSAVC Compensation

FSAVC(s) pensions have been mis-sold to thousands of people. If you have an FSAVC it is worth checking to see if you have been mis-sold.

SIPP Pension Compensation

SIPP mis-selling occurs when financial advisers convince pension holders to invest their money into a SIPP scheme that promises higher returns on very risky, (and often unregulated) investments.

Pension Opt Out

An opt-out is where you could have been a member of an occupational pension, particularly a “defined benefit” or “final salary” scheme and you were told to ‘Opt Out’ and purchase a personal pension instead.

Investments & Bonds

Investment misselling occurs when you have received deliberate or misleading advice, where the investment was misrepresented or unsuitable.


Mortgage mis-selling occurs when it is improperly sold to a borrower. Mortgages were only regulated from contracts which were entered into on or after 31st October 2004.  

Pension Transfers

You may have been persuaded to transfer out of your original occupational pension scheme into a personal one. Any transfer out of an occupational scheme could be a mis-sale.

Personal / Stakeholder Pension

These types of pensions may have been unsuitable for you if you had the option to purchase added years or contribute to your In-House AVC, and especially if you had no private earnings.

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