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X-Claims specialise in financial services claims, fighting unfairness for your rights. We provide a professional and personable service, whilst assisting our clients in obtaining justice where they have been mis-sold an unsuitable product and have suffered a financial loss.

Most major corporations choose to employ experts to handle their claims to ensure a greater success rate. An individual can be at a greater disadvantage because they lack the specialist knowledge in taking a claim forward. You can only complain once, so choosing to employ your own expert with X-Claims will not only save you time and stress of handling a complex claim but also ensure a higher success rate.

We specialise in pension mis-selling advice for various products such as – FSAVCs, pension transfers, opt outs from occupational pensions and other various complex claims. However, if you have an investment loss, or were ever sold expensive Whole of Life insurance please contact us for help.

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No win, no fee

No up-front fee

Proven track record

Experts in complex financial complaints

X-Claims News 

X-Claims formally announces that we have been personally selected to take part in the Parliamentary Review for the Finance Edition 2017. We have been selected by the Government as an expert, showcasing best practice as a learning tool for the private and public sector, in particular leading policymakers within financial services

Last year The Rt Hon Philip Hammond was joined by a small number of individuals and organisations, in a series of documents based around key policy areas (Healthcare, Finance, Education etc.), with the aim of sharing knowledge and raising standards.

The key purpose is to demonstrate how determined leadership and innovative thinking highlights  outstanding organisations that have become leaders in their field,  and  act as a template for reform.

The Parliamentary Review is an annual initiative released to coincide with the beginning of the Parliamentary year.

Each of its twelve separate editions focuses on a key governmental policy area, with leading organisations and executives sharing personal insight and discussing good practice alongside Cabinet and senior ministers.

By combining commentaries from award-winning journalists with innovative thinking from industry experts, The Parliamentary Review provides a comprehensive summary of the past year and a reliable template for the year to come.

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