I have a Whole of Life Policy.
Can I claim Compensation ?

What Is A Whole Of Life Policy?

Possibly 95% of Whole of Life policies were mis-sold. The consumer chooses a sum assured and pays regular monthly premiums to an insurance company. Part of the premium is used to build up an investment fund. The amount that the consumer is required to pay and the sum assured is set on the basis of certain assumptions about what will happen in the future. These assumptions include the cost of providing life cover and how well the investment fund will perform in the future.

  • Consumers were sold expensive Whole of Life policies when they only needed life cover for a fixed period of time.
  • Some were sold the policies when already having appropriate life cover.
  • The investment element of the policies may not have been the best advice.
  • Many policies were sold with a low start premium to entice consumers which was subsequently subject to review.

Whats our Clients Say…

“When investigating and challenging my whole of life policies,  X-Claims were both “very knowledgeable and effective”.

How do I know if I was mis-sold a Whole of Life Policy?

You were mis-sold if:

  • You only needed life assurance for a limited time, or there was a cheaper option available.
  • You didn’t need life assurance at all, e.g. you may have had a high level of protection built into your Final Salary Pension Scheme.
  • You were advised to take the policy as a way of saving.
  • You were not made aware that there was risk associated with the policy.


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