Most public sector workers, doctors and teachers have generous employee benefits, but those that were advised to take out a FSAVC, have lost out – in a variety of ways. The higher product cost of a private scheme has reduced your pension fund, whilst customers also lost benefits of the in-house pension. This would include employer scheme guarantees, lower costs of the product itself, and ‘added years’.

X-Claims is an established UK-based company that can help reclaim the money you are owed, with a track record of successfully winning hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation.


FSAVC Entitlement Check List

The main insurance companies that sold FSAVC pensions are listed below (please note that your policy many have been sold to you by an IFA/Financial Advisor on behalf of an insurer), so please check to see if your FSAVC pension provider is with one of the following:

Allied Dunbar Assurance
AXA Equity & Law
AXA Sun Life
Bradford and Bingley
Canada Life
Eagle Star
Friends Life
Friends Provident
Guardian Financial
Laurentian Life
Legal & General
Lloyds Life
Lincoln Financial
Merchant Investors Assurance

Norwich Union/Aviva
Pearl Assurance
Phoenix Life
Royal Bank of Scotland
Royal London
Royal Sun Alliance
Scottish Amicable
Scottish Widows
Standard Life
Sun Life Financial of Canada
Teachers Assurance
Wesleyan / Medical Sickness
Windsor Life
Winterthur Life
Zurich Assurance

Some common Financial advisors that miss sold FSAVC’s were;

Verdi Bowker & Bowker
The Investment Practice
20 Twenty Limited

What our clients say

“X-Claims handled my case with real efficiency and professionalism. I was regularly updated on proceedings, but not subjected to lengthy conversations, unnecessary emails or endless form-filling. The company secured a great outcome for me that I could not have achieved on my own.”

“It is mainly the friendly and assuring voice of staff at X-Claims. Sometimes you forget you are dealing with a company. It is as if X-Claims is a good friend helping you!”

“The service was without doubt of the utmost excellence. No messing around, got the job done. I had given up on getting anything back but X-Claims got all of my money back. Thanks!”

“X-Claims provided a wonderful service. Their detailed understanding of the claims process, combined with their patience and tenacity, gave me complete confidence in the way they presented and fought my case. To a successful conclusion I should add! My gratitude!”

“Thank you again for your time taken persuading to pursue this venture! It has certainly paid off with a bonus sum that is most welcome at this stage. I’ll certainly be passing on a recommendation to any colleagues I come across in the same position.”

How Do I Know If I Have A FSAVC Claim?

  • Did you know the FSAVC scheme would cost more?
  • Did you know that you would be paying more for a FSAVC scheme and that this would reduce the value of your pension fund?
  • You weren’t advised that you could make extra contributions to your work scheme and, if applicable, purchase “Added Years”.
  • Were you made aware of the fact that you could have made Additional Voluntary Contributions to your existing occupational scheme?
  • You weren’t informed about how FSAVC funds were invested.
  • Were you advised that you could increase your pension benefits with no risk?
  • Was pension risk (long term risk) discussed at the time of the sale?

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Lorraine Williams

Lorraine Williams

CEO of X-Claims

Lorraine Williams was a former member of the prestigious Compliance Institute and now is a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment. The founding Partners have been within financial services since 1972 and have experienced every aspect of the industry in relation to historical financial advice.

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