Mis-Sold Pension?

Did you buy an annuity but were in poor health at that time? You should have been offered better terms, instead of the the normal annuity. However it’s not too late to take action and make a complaint.

Your Insurance Company should have advised that you did not have to accept their annuity terms. You should have been advised to shop-around (an “open-market option”).  Another provider may have been able to offer better terms! If the Insurance company did not then you may have a case of mis-selling.

How to make a compensation claim

You can pursue a claim directly to the annuity provider free of charge,  or go directly to the Financial Ombudsman Service,.  A recent Case Study highlights how the FOS upheld a complaint.  Remarkably the annuity provider still did not compensate the client.

Expert Representation

X-Claims Ltd provides you with expert representation, We have the knowledge required to change outcomes. We ensure that FOS decisions are upheld endorsed by an independent actuarial loss calculation.

You can only complain once, so our low fee structure offers a fair balance between cost and reward for complex cases.

Article source/credit – The Sunday Times – Aug 2019