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Are you a Teacher and feel you may have lost money on a financial product or pension?


Even if you have retired or stopped paying into the pension you may still be able to make a claim.

See our Checklist below

✓  You were not told about higher costs of a FSAVC compared to the In House AVC?
Did you know that you would be paying higher costs – money that significantly decreased your pension pot – with a FSAVC or Personal Pension?

✓  You were not told you could make additional contributions to your work scheme?
Were you made aware of the fact that you could have purchased ADDED YEARS in your existing Teacher’s Pension Scheme?

✓  You were NOT informed about the difference in RISK between a private pension and Added Years?
Were you given enough information about how the funds you were putting into your FSAVC were to be invested?


You do not need to use a claims management company to make this claim. You can do this yourself for free, and if your claim is unsuccessful you can pursue it yourself with the Financial Ombudsman Service.
If your product provider or your financial advisor is no longer in business, you may be able to use the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (subject to their Rules).

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