Teachers Assurance – Complaints

Teachers Assurance was an insurance company that targeted Teachers and,  in particular,  they sold them pensions.

You may have been mis-sold a FSAVC* by Teachers Assurance if you can answer “Yes” to any of the following statements:

  • I was not informed that I could purchase added years in my occupational scheme.
  • I thought that Teachers Assurance was part of my Occupational Pension Scheme
  • Teachers Assurance told me that their FSAVC was better than adding to my Occupational Scheme

Even the Prudential,  which offered the In-House AVC Scheme for teachers,  mis- sold FSAVC schemes,  as highlighted in the article in the Guardian here.

Despite the fact that Teachers Assurance has now been sold to LV, you can still make a claim for mis-sold pensions if you were employed as a teacher and in a final salary pension scheme.

Even if you have stopped making contributions or have retired, you may still make a claim if you were sold a FSAVC.

*The difference between a FSAVC and an AVC is that the premiums for the FSAVC are paid out of your bank account,  whereas an AVC is deducted from your salary.

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