“When I made the decision to save additional money into a pension I did so through my professional union. At the time the advice was presented as independent. By the time I found out that an AVC pension is very different to an added years pension it was too late to take advantage of my employer’s scheme. In retrospect it is clear that the advice was anything but independent.
I was aware that compensation might be available but had little idea of the best route to follow. My claim dated back over 20 years, and I’d had a number of interactions with the same financial advisor.
X-Claims provided a clear path to follow. The pension provider took every opportunity to rebuff my claim, including making factually incorrect statements about my pension eligibility and attempts to make me accept modest compensation rather than take the risk of seeking independent arbitration. X-Claims helped me gather the necessary supporting information and take my claim through he Financial Ombudsman. The latter found in my favour and the final compensation was approximately x20 greater than the initial offer.
The process took over 2 years, but Lorraine’s team at X-Claims kept me up to date with progress throughout. Full marks for their services.”