“I was one of many doctors persuaded- via the medium of a free sandwich – to join a Wesleyan freestanding AVC pension instead of buying extra NHS years in the 1990s. I switched to another scheme a decade later but I discovered both were mis-sold, the first by concealing from me the benefits of added years and the second by downplaying my NHS pension prospects on the AVC registration documents. Lorraine, Howard and the X-Claims team were recommended by a colleague who was similarly mis-sold a Wesleyan pension. Looking back, I am amazed at how financially naive we were! X-Claims is a reputable and trustworthy service and secured me compensation for both these pensions. The form filling process was made easy and both Lorraine and Howard provided clear and helpful advice, no doubt honed from decades of fighting complex cases for their clients. For one of the two cases, we went to the ombudsman twice (!) before getting compensation. I have never put in an official claim for anything in my life so this was unfamiliar territory but they were reassuring and sensible. I am happy with the outcome and wholeheartedly endorse their service to anyone wavering about making a claim.”