Pension Transfers To A Personal Pensions Or Stakeholder Pension

A personal pension is one way you might choose to save for your retirement.

What is a personal pension?

A personal pension is a way of saving for your retirement. It works like this:
  • You make regular payments (contributions) into your pension fund. This is the pot of money you build up while working and use when you retire, to give you an income.
  • You may receive tax relief on these regular payments.
  • Your employer might make payments into your pension fund.
  • The fund is invested, for example in stocks and shares, with the aim of increasing the amount in it over the years before you retire
  • When you retire, you have a number of options on how to take the money in your pension pot.

How Do I Know If I was Mis-Advised On My Personal/Stakeholder Pension?

  1. Were you persuaded to “tidy up” past pensions from a previous employer? Below are some of the reasons you may have been mis-advised on your personal pension:
  2. You were advised to transfer your company pension or your occupational pension into a personal pension? You may have left the employment and were told that the pension was “frozen”.
  3. You may have left a company which had a pension, and moved to a firm with no pension, so when you started a personal one, were persuaded to move the frozen pension.
  4. Most important, were you given a written financial comparison (a pension transfer analysis) to show you the percentage growth needed for your personal pension to match their occupational scheme benefits?
  5. Did you understand that you may be giving up guaranteed benefits in your occupational pension for a riskier pension linked to the stock market?
If any of the above apply to you, then follow the link below.  

How Do I Claim?

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