Opt Out or Leave Company Pensions

An opt – out is where you could have been a member of an occupational pension, particularly a “defined benefit” or “final salary” scheme and you were sold a personal pension instead.  Your personal pension would have not had the benefit of guarantees and/or the employers’ contribution. Such claims can be substantial.

How Do I Know If I was Mis-Advised On My Opt Out Pension?

  1. If you were a member of a company pension, and were advised to stop it and start a personal pension, then you most likely have a claim.
  2. If you moved jobs and were advised not to join the company scheme, then as a non-joiner, you most likely have a claim.
  3. Government employee? – including NHS, the police, teachers, local government employees and firms who ran final salary schemes such as Lloyds bank, M&S, Post Office etc at the time.

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