Investment Mis-Selling

Investments are made for a variety of reasons – and inflation is usually the bogeyman to investments. However, a bigger bogeyman in recent times has been the adviser who sells an investment with high charges, and a higher risk than the client is prepared to take. Generally, Bonds have been sold because they pay a higher commission than other types of investments. Banks have been fined heavily for mis-selling of Bonds. An investment should by suitable for your personal circumstances, taking into account your other investments, age, occupation, income, tax position, prospects, family etc. The advice should establish your attitude to risk. This would be different for a pension from general investment. Since 1996, advisers should have supplied a “Reasons Why” document before the sale which should have matched your risk to the investment. If the charges, risk, and term did not match your requirements at the time then you may be due compensation. Investment mis-selling is a result of bad selling practices ranging from pressurised sales staff with unrealistic targets, to questionable management at some of the country’s leading institutions.

How Do I Know If I Was Mis-Advised On My Investment?

  1. I have lost money, or would have been better off investing in a Building Society.
  2. The investment wasn’t suited to my needs in the first place
  3. I was advised to put all of my savings into a single investment or didn’t know how my money would be invested
  4. I was not told of the level of risk involved
  5. My money was used for a high risk venture without my consent.

How Do I Claim?

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