Other Financial Services Claims

There are other types of mis-sold claims for which you can claim compensation. These include:

SIPPS  |  Whole of Life Policies  |  UCIS  |  Annuity Claims  |  Investment Mis-Selling  |  Investment in Bonds  |  Savings Plans

Mis-sold Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPPS)

You could be entitled to thousands of pounds of compensation if your SIPPs investments have been mis-sold.

A Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), is a personal pension scheme approved by the government. SIPPs were introduced in 1989, and since then more than a million UK citizens have used a SIPP to further their pension pot.
However, SIPPs are considered riskier than other types of savings as they rely on the success of where the money is invested.

Whole Of life Policy Mis-selling

Possibly 95% of Whole of Life policies were mis-sold. The consumer chooses a sum assured and pays regular monthly premiums to an insurance company. Part of the premium is used to build up an investment fund. The amount that the consumer is required to pay and the sum assured is set on the basis of certain assumptions about what will happen in the future. These assumptions include the cost of providing life cover and how well the investment fund will perform in the future.

What is a Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS)?

High risk investments have been knowingly mis-sold to ordinary people who would not understand the true risk, nor that the investment is not protected by regulations. They are known as unregulated collective investment schemes. Some schemes are “land bank” schemes, and many are simply scams, whereas others may be simply opportunities that have been mis-described as having a lower risk.

Annuity Claims

An annuity is an insurance contract that insures against you living too long. In return for a lump sum (the money you have saved in your pension pot), an annuity provider (insurance company) will give you an annual income for the rest of your life.

Savings Plan Mis-selling

Regular savings plans were sold by companies such as Allied Dunbar, Cornhill, General Portfolio, MI Group, and went under a variety of names – MIP, Capital Builder, Flexible Savings Plan, etc. They were, however, bad investments with high front end charges, and most were a mis-sale. You may still be able to claim compensation.

Investment Mis-selling

Investments are made for a variety of reasons – and inflation is usually the contra-indication to investments. However, a bigger issue in recent times has been the adviser who sells an investment with high charges, and a higher risk than the client is prepared to take.