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We are only as good as our clients tell us and here are some sample testimonials we have received from our clients, 100% that say they would highly recommend us, and rate our service as excellent.

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Dr S - Oct 2020

My colleague recommended X-Claims to me. He was right, they are the best in the business and successfully fought my case. Thank you X-Claims!

Dr S - Apr 2020

Lorraine has provided me with excellent advice and achieved a good outcome, despite many challenges. I would highly recommend X-Claims.

Dr G - Mar 2020

Another doctor told me about your service. Without X-Claims I would not have challenged the financial advice I had received, nor the products I had been sold. They guided me through the process, kept me updated, took the hassle out of it, and as a result I have been awarded a significant sum of compensation. Thank you.

Dr W - Jul 2019

The process of making a claim for a mis-sold financial product was straight forward and painless by X-Claim’s experts. I was surprised and delighted with the outcome.

Ms G - Apr 2019

Thank you very much for pursuing this claim on my behalf and for the extraordinary result. I was aghast at the impact that a decision, made on bad advice many years ago, had on my pension.  Thanks to the expertise, tenacity  and sheer doggedness of you and your team that wrong has now been made good.

Dr D - Apr 2019

Thank you again for applying your significant astute observation, expertise and judgement to helping me obtain a just outcome with this issue of compensation for previous poor financial advice. Although the settlement is of course most welcome, the compensation for me is more than financial.

Dr B – Jan 2018

It was very easy to contact X-Claims and the whole process was straightforward and simple. Lorraine and Sophie were very helpful and efficient.

Successful Claim – Dr HW – Oct 2020

“The whole X-Claims team was involved in providing me with a highly professional and competent service to support a compensation claim for a mis-sold FSAVC. Communication throughout this process was clear, supportive, efficient and thorough, and their expert advice and determination has resulted in a positive outcome with a moderate four figure sum received. This would not have been possible without them. Their fees for the ‘no successful claim, no fee’ are extremely reasonable. I can not speak highly enough of their excellent service and I thoroughly recommend X-Claims to anyone who considers that they might have a claim.”

Successful Claim – Dr G – Nov 2020

“X-Claims used dogged determination to get me a very substantial sum, after a financial advisor in the 1990s told me not to bother with NHS Pension Added Years and recommended a FSAVC instead. The whole process was lengthy (a couple of years) and required a little effort on my part, e.g. getting very old bank statements. However, this was really worth it. There is no way I would have had the expertise of energy or stubbornness to get this sorted myself. So a very big thanks to X-Claims!”

Successful Claim – Dr C – Nov 2020

“Sophie from X Claims was very persistence and patient with our claim which took nearly a year due to NHS pensions being very slow to send all the relevant documents. We were delighted with a huge successful claim.”

Successful Claim – Dr N – Nov 2020

“Despite what was clearly a complex case, involving mis-selling of FSAVC nearly 30 years ago, and an initial rejection of the claim by the company concerned, X-Claims refused to give up and ended up having to go via the ombudsman in order to resolve the matter. Although the whole process took over 2 years, none of the delays were with X-Claims, but all with the investment company and ombudsman. All emails were responded to promptly and all explanations and requests for information clear. So the expenditure of time on my part, in order to reach the required conclusion, was very modest. Furthermore, when it was clear that the compensation, in terms of the amount finally agreed to top up my AVC pot, would have landed me with a huge tax bill because of incurring annual allowance taxes, they negotiated a reasonable cash payout within a matter of days.”

Successful Claim – Dr P – Dec 2020

“Not sure if I did ever send you an ‘official’ thank you! I can’t say just how much I appreciated your help with this. I would have not got anywhere myself and your very professional manner was reassuring. I think what made the process feel most worthwhile was the sense of righting of wrongs rather than obtaining recompense for me and fees for you. Thank you so much! Fabulously positive experience with X-Claims! I had always been wary about replying to unsolicited emails from Claims Management companies but a colleague recommended X-Claims to me so I went for it. The process required very little from me and they obtained a significant sum. They were very professional and I felt I could completely trust them.”

Successful Claim – Dr M – Dec 2020

“X-Claims were extremely informative at my first contact. They didn’t build my hopes too high but made it clear what service they offered and what their fees were. They kept me informed throughout the process and won a very satisfactory settlement. Overall their service was open, professional and effective.”

Successful Claim – Dr R – Jan 2020

“We have been delighted with the settlement X-Claims were able to secure for us. We had very regular contact with our contact, Sophie, and always felt able to ask for information and updates – which was extremely helpful. Sophie even called on Christmas Eve, when she wasn’t meant to be working, to pass on the good news about our successful settlement – by far the best present we could have had this year! Many, many thanks for all your hard work and dogged determination. We will definitely be recommending your services to colleagues.”

Successful Claim – Dr C – Jan 2020

“I was pretty wary about responding to an email flyer from X-Claims about mis-sold historical financial products but I there my natural caution to the wind and contacted them. They were nothing short of superb. Even when we thought my claim had hit a blind alley, their dogged persistence forced the financial company to respond and admit their shortcomings. Although the actual award was significantly greater than the amount I received (due to the FSCS ceiling on what they will actually pay) this was not the responsibility of X-Claims. Paying them 20% + VAT of my award still meant that I received a hefty return of cash that I would otherwise have lost completely….although I would never have known.
Please trust this company. They did a wonderful job for me and I have already recommended similar colleagues to contact them.”

Successful Claim – Dr S – Jan 2020

“Lorraine Williams and her team provide an exceptional professional, communicative and highly expert service. X-Claims achieved a great financial outcome for my claim against a mis-sold private pension, which I took out many years ago in parallel with my NHS pension. The team did all of the work with minimal input from myself. I recommend them without reservation.”

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