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We are only as good as our clients tell us and here are some sample testimonials we have received from our clients, 100% that say they would highly recommend us, and rate our service as excellent.

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Dr S - Oct 2020

My colleague recommended X-Claims to me. He was right, they are the best in the business and successfully fought my case. Thank you X-Claims!

Dr S - Apr 2020

Lorraine has provided me with excellent advice and achieved a good outcome, despite many challenges. I would highly recommend X-Claims.

Dr G - Mar 2020

Another doctor told me about your service. Without X-Claims I would not have challenged the financial advice I had received, nor the products I had been sold. They guided me through the process, kept me updated, took the hassle out of it, and as a result I have been awarded a significant sum of compensation. Thank you.

Dr W - Jul 2019

The process of making a claim for a mis-sold financial product was straight forward and painless by X-Claim’s experts. I was surprised and delighted with the outcome.

Ms G - Apr 2019

Thank you very much for pursuing this claim on my behalf and for the extraordinary result. I was aghast at the impact that a decision, made on bad advice many years ago, had on my pension.  Thanks to the expertise, tenacity  and sheer doggedness of you and your team that wrong has now been made good.

Dr D - Apr 2019

Thank you again for applying your significant astute observation, expertise and judgement to helping me obtain a just outcome with this issue of compensation for previous poor financial advice. Although the settlement is of course most welcome, the compensation for me is more than financial.

Dr B – Jan 2018

It was very easy to contact X-Claims and the whole process was straightforward and simple. Lorraine and Sophie were very helpful and efficient.

Successful Claim – Dr M Jun 2021

“The service form X-Claims was excellent from the word go. Very friendly and helpful with explanations and advice at all times – an efficient service throughout. Thank you!”

Successful Claim – Dr S – May 2021

“Taken through the process very simply – all information was clear and easy to understand and Lorraine successfully secured me a significant payout that is paying for my new kitchen. I can recommend their services -supportive without pushy.”

Successful Claim – Dr N – May 2021

“I cannot thank X claims enough for securing a very substantial compensation for me for mis-sold FAVC. I would never have been able to complete the paperwork to have achieved this claim. Furthermore, around 6 weeks prior to a letter informing me of my successful claim, the FSCS wrote to me stating they were dropping the claim as the NHS hadn’t responded! At this point I would have given up but X claims ignored this and pressed on. I have ended up with a very substantial amount of compensation. There is absolutely no doubt that X-Claims did far more than I could have done alone- thank you!”

Successful Claim – Mr P – Apr 2021

“I was delighted to receive compensation from an FSAVC, I set up many years ago. This took almost 3 years to complete and I am sure were it up to me, I would have given up! X-Claims pursued the claim with great tenacity and were good at keeping me informed on progress. The amount I ended up paying for the service, was not unreasonable based on the time and effort that went in to this claim. Thank you!”

Successful Claim – Dr B – Mar 2021

“A friend introduced me to X-Claims after they secured a successful outcome for him in relation to FSAVC’s being mis-sold as a junior doctor. I had similarly taken them out as a junior but stopped the premium many years ago, with only 6 years of contribution. As such, my expectations of a successful claim were low but was advised by the solicitor at X-Claims to pursue matters. They dealt with all the paperwork in a very efficient manner and clearly have wide experience and knowledge in this area, advising me appropriately along the way. Ultimately, a successful claim was achieved and I received a significant sum which was far more than I had anticipated. I would have no hesitation in recommending X-Claims.”

Successful Claim – Dr H – Mar 2021

“I was sent an email by one of my work colleagues who had recently made a claim regarding being mis-sold a FSAVC policy in the early 1990’s. I had been sold a very similar policy. I had moved house several times since taking out the policy and I had kept very little relevant paperwork. Despite this X-Claims took up my claim. There were many hurdles to obtain relevant documentation from ancient policies but Sophie and her determination got there in the end. The FSCS bombarded me with letters, all of which X-Claims dealt with. 19 months later I received the compensation I was due. Contact with X-Claims was always professional and friendly. I would not hesitate to recommending them.”

Successful Claim – Dr S – Feb 2021

“A very helpful, friendly and efficient service. I didn’t expect to get anything so this was a lovely windfall with very little effort on my part. Thank you.”

Successful Claim – Dr K – Feb 2021

“I would not have attempted to make a claim without their help. Recommended by a colleague. I received substantial compensation. X-Claims were efficient and dogged in negotiating the bureaucracy. Strongly recommend them.”

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