An Introduction To The Types Of Claims That We Handle

Have you Been Mis-sold a FSAVC Pension?

Most doctors, teachers and other public sector workers have generous employee benefits, but those that were advised to take out an FSAVC, have lost out – in a variety of ways. If you have or have had an FSAVC it is very likely you were mis-sold.

Have you Been Mis-sold a Personal Or Stakeholder Pension?

You may be paying (or have previously paid) into a Personal Pension or Stakeholder Pension while still a member of the employer’s pension scheme. If you had the option to purchase added years or contribute to an NHS AVC and especially if you had no private earnings, it is likely you were mis-sold.

Have You Been Mis-sold an Opt Out Pension?

An opt–out is where you could have been a member of an occupational pension. If you were a member of a company pension, and were advised to stop it and start a personal pension, then you most likely have a claim.

Have You Been Mis-sold a Pension or Pension Transfer?

Were you persuaded to “tidy up” past pensions  or transfer a pension into another? Then you may have a claim.

Have You Been Mis-Advised About Your SIPP?

SIPPs are considered riskier than other types of savings as they rely on the success of where the money is invested. You could be entitled to thousands of pounds of compensation if your Self-Invested Personal Pension Investments have been mis-sold.

Have You Been Mis-sold a Whole of Life Policy?

Possibly 95% of Whole of Life policies were mis-sold! There are many ways that Whole of Life policies have been mis-sold. Talk to us today to find out if your policy was mis-sold.