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An annuity is an insurance contract that insures against you living too long. In return for a lump sum (the money you have saved in your pension pot), an annuity provider (insurance company) will give you an annual income for the rest of your life.

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How Do I Know If I Was Mis-Advised On My Pension Annuity?

You did not know you had options? Many people were unaware of the other options available. In particular, an open market option to buy an annuity from another provider. Your pension provider should have told you of your right to shop around. Annuity rates can vary by up to 10%.

Were you in poor health when you bought the annuity?
You could have applied for an “impaired life” annuity if you were diagnosed with a health problem such as heart disease, MS, cancer etc.

You were sold a single life annuity?

  • If you were married or in a civil partnership when you came to retirement and you wanted your loved ones to continue to receive an income when you had gone, then you may have a claim.
  • Did you want your pension payments to keep up with inflation? You may well have wanted your pension payments to increase over time in line with inflation to allow for rising costs. If you weren’t given this option and you expect a long retirement, you may have a claim.

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